How to Purchase Using the Pay Now Button

Buying from Dooley's Treasure Chest by credit card is safe and easy!

You can use PayPal or your preferred credit card to order safely and easily. When you click on a Pay Now or Buy Now button rather than on a payment button which has a fixed product description and price, such as that which you find by individual items listed on the site, it is because the amount owed has been calculated independently. An example would be if you purchase more than one doll from a seller and with a multi-item discount a total price owed is different from what clicking on the available payment buttons will allow..

Either way is totally secure. Regardless of the method you use, your sales transaction is totally secure. No one at Dooley's Treasure Chest sees or has any access to your credit card information. We never see your credit card number and have no way of accessing that information.

If you click on a Pay Now button which looks like this or the Buy Now button which looks like this this is the next page you will see.

The first thing required is to enter the description of the item to be purchased. That is entered in the Enter Description box on the left side. Be sure to enter enough info to let us know what item you are purchasing. Simply entering a doll's name is not enough since we may have several sellers listing the same doll. On the page where you found the doll listed will be a Seller ID. That is in the form of a two or three character set following "seller:" Any other brief info which will help us to know the item you are purchasing will help insure the purchase process goes smoothly.

Be sure that the amount to be entered in the Item Price box is correct. If the purchase is for a doll, the purchase price of the doll and the shipping price are added together. Also, if the buyer is in Texas, Texas Sales Tax of 8.25 percent is added to the amount. Please note that the sales tax applies to the item purchases only and not to the shipping amount.

When the Description and Item Price are entered, click on Update just below that.

If you have a PayPal account, at the PayPal Login section, enter your email address and your PayPal Password and then click on the Log In button.

Otherwise, if you DO NOT have a PayPal account, or wish to pay by another means, click on "Don't have a PayPal account?". That will take you to the secure credit card entry page where you can continue entering your payment information. When you enter your information on this page, we cannot see it. Your credit card purchases are secure.


When you are finished entering all of the information on this page, review it to insure that all information is correct and then click on the Review and Continue button. That's all there is to it!

IMPORTANT! Please check your email. Do NOT use an email address with PayPal that you never plan to check. It is not uncommon for us to need to contact a buyer for one reason or other. If we need to contact you with questions about your order, but cannot, you will NOT receive your order. If you have an email address, you should be checking it at least every day.

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