Daddy's Long Legs Dolls

Daddy's Long Legs: There is only one each of these items unless otherwise noted. Unless otherwise indicated: All are in mint condition. All come with their described accessories. All come with their original boxes, and certificates of authenticity. As there is only one of each (other than noted), please email us for availability prior to ordering. I will make every effort to mark sold items as quickly as possible. Chairs and other background props shown for display purposes only and are not included. For any additional questions or other payment options, please contact us. Buyer Questions

Notes on the dolls from the seller. They all are in original boxes, Most have never been out except to let Karen sign them. That means mint. The paper work for each doll is in the box although the cert of authenticity usually wasn't completed. A few dolls as noted do not have their COA. The dolls that were displayed were Ester, Camille, Tobias, Nettie, Oma, Baby Jessie, & Tubbin Santa. We really didn't have a place to put them out. It was a non-smoking environment for these dolls.
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Introduced 01/93. Retired 12/95. Number produced: 2,483. Companion of Bessie, sold separately below. 22" tall. DL33A. Seller: jb.
Sold for: $275.00

Signed. Companion of Gracie. Sold separately below. 18" tall. Introduced 01/93. Retired 12/95. Number produced: 1,813. DLL43A. Seller: jb.
Price: $275.00
S/H $20.00

Limited Edition. Her number is 879/2500. Resin body and limbs. Length, 21 inches. She is dressed in a white moiré wedding gown with white lace. Her veil is white lace with white tulle, and she carries a lace and floral bouquet. Introduced 01/94. Retired 06/95. Number produced: 2,500. #1215. She is signed by the artist Karen Germany. DLL94A. Seller: jb.
Price: $425.00
S/H $20.00

Doc Moses
Introduced 01/92. Retired 09/93. Number produced: 2,494. 29" tall. Matches Nurse Garnett, sold separately below. DL10M. Signed. Seller: jb. NOTE: This doll is signed by the artist but does not have her COA.
Price: $425.00 each
S/H $20.00

Signed. Open Edition. Her hair is made of mohair, and she wears a pink cotton dress trimmed in heart lace. She has a pearl halo, and she carries a French horn. 12" tall. Introduced 01/94. Retired 09/94. Number produced: 824. DL34B. Seller: jb.
Price: $275.00 each S/H $15.00
Sister Carter by Daddy's Long Legs

Sister Carter
Signed. With Bench. Sister Carter was introduced in 1993 and retired in 1995. Resin body and limbs. 19" tall. DL33F. Number produced: 1,719. Seller: jb.
Price: $240.00
S/H $20.00

Black Tubbin Santa 94
1994. 24" tall. Includes the rug and tub. DLM95A. Seller: jb.
Price: $350.00
S/H $20.00
Faith by Daddy's Long Legs

Signed. #1216. Includes bench and cassette. Resin body and limbs. She is dressed in a dress of floral print and an apron trimmed with blue bows. 14" tall. Member Edition. Faith was the first club member doll. 2,290 produced. Introduced 01/93. Retired 01/94. Number produced: 2,290 14" tall. DLM93A. Seller: jb.
Price: $395.00
S/H $15.00

Signed Edition. Camille the ice skater has resin body and limbs. She is dressed in an elegant long velvet dress with a cape. Camille has a velvet hat trimmed in braid with soft feathers. She carries a brown fur muff. Introduced 06/95. Retired 11/96. Number produced: 2,000. #58. 23" tall. DLL95A. Seller: jb.
Price: $300.00
S/H $20.00
Esther by Daddy's Long Legs

Signed. Limited edition (3,000 produced). #1363. Resin body and limbs. She is elegantly dressed in a long moire dress trimmed in Accra lace, with a large bow on the back. Accessories are pearl earrings and a rose. Introduced 01/93. Retired 10/93. Number produced: 3,000 She is 22" tall. (chair not included) DLL93A. Seller: jb
Price: $350.00
S/H $20.00

Bull Bishop
1995 Collector's Club Doll. Signed Edition. 16" black boy in gold and blue football uniform. White sneaker and sock on one foot, cast on the other. Comes with a football for him to hold. Introduced 01/95. Retired 12/95. Number produced: 1,529. #1466. DLM95A. Seller: jb.
Price: $200.00
S/H $20.00

Signed. Cheerleader. With megaphone. 12" tall. DLM95B. #918. Seller: jb.
Price: $200.00
S/H $15.00
  Buy both Bull Bishop and Cherry for $370.00 S/H $30.00

Signed. 13" tall. DLS96B. Seller: jb.
Price: $210.00
S/H $15.00
Bubby by Daddy's Long Legs

Bubby with Star Blanket
Signed Edition. Bubby the angel boy has resin body and limbs. Dressed in jeans with brown checkered shirt. His wings are made of muslin and his blanket has tiny stars. He sits on a cloud. Introduced 01/94. Retired 12/94. Number produced: 1,537 (with star blanket). #494. 9" tall. DLM94A. Seller: jb.
Price: $250.00
S/H $15.00
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