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Daddy's Long Legs Dolls: There is only one each of these items unless otherwise noted. Unless otherwise indicated: All are in mint condition. All come with their described accessories. All come with their original boxes, and certificates of authenticity. As there is only one of each (other than noted), please email us for availability prior to ordering. I will make every effort to mark sold items as quickly as possible. Chairs and other background props shown for display purposes only and are not included. For any additional questions or other payment options, please contact us.
Unless otherwise indicated, all are in excellent condition and have all paperwork, tags and boxes. Buyer Questions
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Annie Lee by Daddy's Long Legs Annie Lee
The 1995 Convention doll. This is an Event Edition introduced 09/95 and retired at that time. She was the first full-bodied jointed Daddy's Long Legs doll. She has a resin body and limbs and wears a cream dress (trimmed in lace) with tiny blue stars. She wears ruffled panties to match. Number produced: 100 8" tall. Seller: cd.
Price: $325.00
S/H $20.00
Earl and Ella by Daddy's Long Legs

Earl and Ella (two pair available)
Modeled after the famous American Gothic painting by Grant Wood. Each will be sold as a pair, not separately. Ella is 18" and Earl is 19" tall. They were introduced 06/96 and retired 08/08/96. There were only 675 and 673 (respectively) produced so these are becoming very hard to find.

These dolls have resin bodies and limbs. He holds his pitchfork. Both pairs are mint and in their original boxes. They are dressed as pictured - He with blue denim overalls and white long-sleeved shirt under a navy blue blazer jacket. She wears a black dress with white collar and cameo button at the neckline. Her red apron has a black flowers pattern and rickrack trim. Stands are included as are the original boxes and all certificates of authenticity. Dolls are signed by the designer, Karen Germany. Seller: cd
Price: $725.00
S/H $25.00 (each pair)
Emily by Daddy's Long Legs Emily
Emily is a Co-Op Special Edition doll. Only 1,278 were produced. Resin body and limbs. She wears a plaid dress with green pinafore. Two ecru bows in her hair. Introduced 07/93. Retired 12/93. Number produced: 1,278 14" tall. Seller: cd.
Price: $250.00
S/H $15.00
Esther by Daddy's Long Legs Esther
Limited edition (3,000 produced). Resin body and limbs. She is elegantly dressed in a long moire dress trimmed in Accra lace, with a large bow on the back. Accessories are pearl earrings and a rose. Introduced 01/93. Retired 10/93. Number produced: 3,000 22" tall. (chair not included) Seller: cd.
Price: $395.00 S/H $20.00
Faith by Daddy's Long Legs Faith
Resin body and limbs. She is dressed in a dress of floral print and an apron trimmed with blue bows. Member Edition. Faith was the first club member doll. 2,290 produced. Introduced 01/93. Retired 01/94. 14" tall.
Seller: cd.
Price: $395.00
S/H $15.00
June by Daddy's Long Legs Jane
Promotional edition. Resin body and limbs. Dressed in green print dress with muslin apron and bloomers. Her head wrap matches her dress. Her hat is straw with pink flower. Jane was the first Promotional edition doll made exclusively to raise money for a charity. 3,768 produced. Introduced 06/94. Retired 08/94. Number produced: 3,768 12" tall. Seller: cd.
Price: $195.00
S/H $15.00
Little Red Riding Hood by Daddy's Long Legs Little Red Riding Hood
Event edition. Resin body and limbs. Dress is red and green plaid with a white blouse, an apron and stockings She has a red cape and carries a basket of berries. She was the first signing event doll. 1,824 produced. Introduced 01/94. Retired 11/94. Number produced: 1,824 12" tall. Seller: cd.
Price: $295.00
S/H $15.00
Maggie by Daddy's Long Legs Maggie
Limited edition. Maggie, the flower girl. Resin body and limbs. Wearing a long white eyelet dress accented in pink. She has a pink and white bow in her hair. She carries a basket of flowers. Maggie is second of the wedding party which began with Victoria. Introduced 08/94. Retirement 08/96. Number produced: 2,500 12" tall. Seller: cd.
Price: $195.00
S/H $15.00
Priscilla by Daddy's Long Legs Priscilla
Co-Op Special Edition doll. Resin body and limbs. Dressed in a blue print dress with lace trim and a pink belt. She has a pink bow in her hair and she is barefoot. NOTE: Co-Op dolls are time limited and signed but not numbered. 501 produced. Introduced 02/93. Retired 07/93. Number produced: 501 11" tall. Seller: cd.
Price: $395.00
S/H $15.00
Sissy by Daddy's Long Legs Sissy
Resin body and limbs. Wearing a leotard of light pink knit. Her tutu is sheer iridescent with a pink satin waistband. She has a pink ribbon in her hair. Introduced 07/94. Retired 03/95. The wooden block is her accessary. Number produced: 1,963 11" tall. Seller: cd.
Price: $225.00
S/H $15.00
Sofie by Daddy's Long Legs Sofie
Open Edition doll. Resin body and limbs. Dressed in a print dress with muslin bloomers. She has several white cotton bows in her hair. Sofie was the first black doll to retire. Introduced 06/90. Retired 06/92. Number produced: 5,548 11" tall. DL10C. Seller: cd.
Price: $425.00
S/H $15.00
Sweet Savannah by Daddy's Long Legs Sweet Savannah
Limited Edition. Dressed in a navy and ecru print shirt with three silver star buttons. Her split skirt is blue denim with a brown fringe. Her vest is cowhide. Her brown hat is made of resin. 2,000 produced. Introduced 06/96. Retired 01/98. 26" tall. Qty: 2 Available. Seller: cd.
Price: $310.00 each
S/H $20.00
Wildwood Will by Daddy's Long Legs Wildwood Will
Limited Edition. Resin body and limbs. Dressed in an ecru long-sleeve shirt with a red bandanna under the collar, blue denim jeans and cowhide chaps. He wears a resin cowboy hat and holds a lariat. Introduced 01/96. Retired 01/96. Number produced: 1,000. 26" tall. Qty: 2 Available. Seller: cd.
Price: $595.00 each S/H $20.00
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