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Daddy's Long Legs: Everything listed on this page has it's own box and Certificate of Authenticity. Very few of the items have been out of their boxes and all are in mint condition and are from a smoke free environment. Chairs and other background props shown for display purposes only and are not included. For any additional questions or other payment options, please contact us. Buyer Questions

. Canadian buyers also welcome by this seller.
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DLS95A. Issued 1/95. Retired 6/95. 982 produced. Signed. Seller: dp. (2 available)
Price each: $125.00 New Price: $63.00
S/H $30.00 each

Signed. Open Edition. Her hair is made of mohair, and she wears a pink cotton dress trimmed in heart lace. She has a pearl halo, and she carries a French horn. 12" tall. Introduced 01/94. Retired 09/94. Number produced: 824. DL34B. Seller: dp.
Price: $275.00 New Price: $138.00
S/H $30.00

Jack and Jill
1996 Club Dolls. Introduced 01/96. Retired 12/96. Each doll is 12" tall. Jack DLM96A. Jill DLM96B. Seller: dp. (Sold as a set only)
Price each set: $350.00 New Price: $175.00
S/H $30.00
June by Daddy's Long Legs

Promotional edition. Resin body and limbs. Dressed in green print dress with muslin apron and bloomers. Her head wrap matches her dress. Her hat is straw with pink flower. Jane was the first Promotional edition doll made exclusively to raise money for a charity. 3,768 produced. Introduced 06/94. Retired 08/94. Number produced: 3,768 12" tall. DLP94A. Seller: dp
Price: $195.00 New Price: $98.00
S/H $30.00
Bubby by Daddy's Long Legs

Bubby with Heart Blanket
Signed Member Edition. #911. Bubby the angel boy has resin body and limbs. Dressed in jeans with brown checkered shirt. His wings are made of muslin and his blanket has tiny hearts. He sits on a cloud. Introduced 01/94. Retired 12/94. Number produced: 1,537 (with star blanket). 9" tall. DLM94A. Seller: dp.
Price: $150.00 New Price: $75.00
S/H $30.00
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