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Daddy's Long Legs "Keepsakes" Dolls: This seller also has Daddy's keepSakes Nursery Rhyme figures, and a set of Daddy's KeepSakes 12 Christmas Ornaments. Daddy's Keepsakes first editions. See Them

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Annie Lee by Daddy's Long Legs

Annie Lee
Signed. The 1995 Convention doll. This is an Event Edition introduced 09/95 and retired at that time. She was the first full-bodied jointed Daddy's Long Legs doll. She has a resin body and limbs and wears a cream dress (trimmed in lace) with tiny blue stars. She wears ruffled panties to match. Number produced: 100 8" tall. Seller: ea.
Price: $120.00
S/H $20.00
Bubby by Daddy's Long Legs
Image is of Bubby with Hearts Blanket but doll listed is with the Star Blanket
Bubby with Star Blanket
Signed Edition. Bubby the angel boy has resin body and limbs. Dressed in jeans with brown checkered shirt. His wings are made of muslin and his blanket has tiny stars. He sits on a cloud. Introduced 01/94. Retired 12/94. 9" tall. Seller: ea.
Price: $66.00
S/H $20.00

Bull Bishop
1995 Collector's Club Doll. Signed Edition. 16" black boy in gold and blue football uniform. White sneaker and sock on one foot, cast on the other. Comes with a football for him to hold. Introduced 01/95. Retired 12/95. Number produced: 1,529. DLM95A. Seller: ea.
Price each: $90.00
S/H $20.00 (Two available)

1996 Special Edition signed. DLS96A - Buttons, the girl clown. 14" tall. Retired 12/96. Seller: ea.
Price: $96.00
S/H $20.00

1995 Members Only Signed. Cheerleader. With megaphone. 12" tall. DLM95B. Seller: ea.
Price: $84.00
S/H $20.00

Limited Edition. Resin body and limbs. Length, 21 inches. She is dressed in a white moiré wedding gown with white lace. Her veil is white lace with white tulle, and she carries a lace and floral bouquet. Introduced 01/94. Retired 06/95. Number produced: 2,500.Signed. DLL94A. Seller: ea.
Price: $180.00 S/H $20.00
Sissy by Daddy's Long Legs

Resin body and limbs. Wearing a leotard of light pink knit. Her tutu is sheer iridescent with a pink satin waistband. She has a pink ribbon in her hair. Introduced 07/94. Retired 03/95. The wooden block is her accessary. Number produced: 1,963 11" tall. Seller: ea.
Price each: $87.00
S/H $20.00 (two available)
No photo available Sarah
Signed. With stand. Seller: ea.
Price: $66.00
S/H $20.00

Oma Green
She is 22 inches tall. Signed. (chair not included) DL10G. Seller: ea
Price: $96.00
S/H $20.00

11" tall. DL33H. Pictured chair is not included. Seller: ea.
Price: $66.00
S/H $20.00

Miss Muffet
1996 Special Event. Signed. Introduced 01/96. Retired 10/96. Number produced: 1,117. DLE96A. Seller: ea.
Price: $81.00
S/H $20.00

Mary and Her Lamb
Special Event 1995 Signed. Nursery Rhyme. 12" tall. Introduced 01/95. Retired 11/95. Number produced: 1,627. DLE95A. Seller: ea.
Price: $81.00
S/H $20.00

Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus
Mary and Joseph are both signed. Baby Jesus with manger. 1997 Club Dolls. Introduced 01/97. Retired 12/97. Number produced: Joseph: 1,397. Mary: 1,342. Mary #578. DLM97B. Joseph #578. Joseph 14" tall. Mary similar in size. DLM97A. Sold as a set. Marry, Joseph and Baby Jesus have not been taken out of original boxes and contain tags and certificates. Seller: ea.
Price: $270.00
S/H $20.00

Lucy (white)
Signed. Introduced 01/93. Retired 09/95. Number produced: 1,946. DL43B. Seller: ea.
Price: $60.00
S/H $20.00
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