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One of the largest collections of beautiful collectible dolls for sale. All are retired and no longer being made and many are available only available here through Dooley's Treasure Chest. When doll makers retire dolls and sell the last of their inventory, the entire number of those dolls will be in the hands of private individuals and collectors. Collectible dolls make great gifts and their intrinsic beauty will enhance any decor.

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Collectible Figurines We have a huge collection of unique and whimsical collectible figurines. These are in very limited supply. Most, we only have one of each so you'll need to grab yours while they're still available. Daddy's Long Legs, Frosty Folk Snowmen, Zingleberry, Vanmark, Harmony Kingdom, Charming Tails, Cherished Teddies. Also a selction of Collector Plates.

Collectible dolls: Barbie dolls, Ashton Drake, American Girl, Pamela Phillips Georgetown Collection, Suzanne Gibson, Madame Alexander, Effanbee, Daddy's Long Legs, Zanini Zambelli, Susan Wakeen, and other brands. Have a rare one? Antique? Porcelain? Art dolls? Handcrafted dolls? One of a kind dolls.

Note for Consignment Sales Unless the item sold as a consignment item is received by the buyer in a damaged condition, or it is obviously not the item represented in the ad, or if the description does not match the actual item received, no requests for refunds will be honored. We must stress the importance of the buyer being aware of what the item is, and resolving all questions related to the item prior to placing the order to purchase the item. In other words, know what you are buying.

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The document containing the descriptions can be either a text document (with the extension .TXT such as one written in Windows Notepad or similar text editor) or it can be in a Microsoft Word compatible document. Such a document will have a .DOC or a .DOCX or similar file extension.

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See our Consignment Info page for more information on how to list items for sale on consignment.

Collectibles - Memorabilia - Gifts If you are a collector, gift buyer or simply consider yourself a nostalgia fan, this is your place.Unique, whimsical, and simply fun gifts. Seasonal and holiday gifts and supplies.

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Collectible Dolls
Vintage, Retired, Antique and One-Of-A-Kind Art Dolls

If the LORD delights in a man's way, He makes his steps firm; Ps 37:23 (NIV)

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Daddy's Long Legs Uncle Sam Uncle Sam - black
To commemorate the contributions of the countless black heroes and patriots to America.
Doll Number DL35A, Mint Condition, 18 inches. Introduced 1/95. Retired 7/97. Number produced: 1,510. Seller: jh.
Price: $400.00
S/H $30.00

Kara Daddy's Long Legs Doll. She is approx. 11" SIGNED AND DATED by Karen Germany. There were only 425 Karas made. This is an extremely rare find. KARA is a musical angle with a French Horn. This doll is in her original box and original packaging materials. She comes with original shipping catalog/advertisements and Certificate of Authenticity (COA). Seller: alc.
Price: $245.00
S/H $20.00

Below are listed some of the collections of dolls available for sale. An assortment of popular collectible doll names are represented.

bisque porcelain dolls Bisque Porcelain dolls from Danbury Mint and Franklin Mint

Susan Wakeen doll Susan Wakeen and Julie Goode-Kruger New Price Reduction. Don't miss these.

Ashton Drake dolls New Ashton Drake Collection Dolls from artists Kathy Barry-Hippensteel and Yolanda Bello

Porcelain dolls by Franklin Mint, Hamilton, Danbury Mint Dolls

Porcelain and vinyl dolls in this collection. Great American Doll Company, Heirloom Dolls, Diana, the Princess of Whales Porcelain Portrait Doll, Corolle, and other popular brands.

Classical Symphony Porcelain Dolls
Prices Reduced and New Dolls!

Collectible dolls Baby Bud Faeries From an exclusive collection of handcrafted dolls. Limited Editions

Amish Blessing figurines Amish Blessing Figurine Dolls Collectible Amish Dolls by Julie Good-Kruger from the Ashton-Drake Gallery. Handcrafted fine Bisque Porcelain by Edwin M. Knowles, maker of fine China, with a tradition of quality.

Collectible dolls Anstasia Porcelain Doll - Hosanna Cristina -1994 Artist Mazie Pannell

Collectible dolls Darla's Collection Ganz and other award winning dolls

Collectible dolls Memory Maker Bears Handcrafted Bears

Collectible dolls Aubrey Betty Jane Carter Limited Edition Musical "Aubrey" Doll

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Are your customers all local and word of mouth but you would like to expand to offer your craft products to a much wider audience? A nationwide and perhaps even international buying audience?

Do you have your craft items in ready stock, ready to sell or produce them on a per order basis?

If any of the above questions is a "yes", contact me. Perhaps we can be of help. There is no charge for listing items on our web site. There is only a commission charge upon a sale. Nothing more. It costs you nothing to try and who knows, it could very well expand your home crafts business into something much larger than it is now.

Beautiful commercially made quilts are available (click the link image below to see some) and while it is true that factory made ones are very servicable and attractive, nothing matches the quality and unique beauty of the hand made ones carefully crafted designs and sewn by hand.

American Girl dolls American Girl Dolls When we cannot offer the favorites you are looking for because we do not have sellers currently listing them on our site, we will do what we can to provide you with trusted partner merchants who do carry those items. Here they are. We need more American Girl doll listings. The ones we had went fast. That shows how popular they are. If you have any to sell, let us know. No, we don't buy them ourselves but we have potential buyers asking for them so we need your consignment listings.


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American Girl Dolls
When we cannot offer the favorites you are looking for because we do not have
sellers who want to sell them by listing them on our site, we will do what
we can to provide you with trusted partner merchants who do carry those items.
See what we have to offer.

Daddy's Long Legs Dolls Our selection of Daddy's Long Legs dolls is one of the largest you will find! If you have not looked at the listings in a while, do so again. Several more had undergone price reductions.

Prices of these Daddy's Long Legs dolls have been reduced 50% See them

A New Collection
Daddy's Long Dolls. The dolls in this just added are all brand new condition and still in their original boxes. This collection is from a former doll dealer's business. See Them Now

If you don't see the Daddy's Long Legs doll you are looking for in the lists the link above on this page goes to, here is another whole page of them. More Daddy's Dolls

Daddy's Long Legs Figurines

Daddy's KeepSakes Collectibles. KeepSakes Nursery Rhymes. KeepSakes Christmas Ornament Set. See Them Here

Factors to Consider About Collectible Dolls

Antique Dolls vs. New or Collectible Dolls: Antique dolls are classed as those which are older. What does that mean? fifty years old? One hundred years old ? Twenty years? Any of those could apply. Though it is not an official definition, and in fact is more my idea than anything else, I think of antique dolls as being those which are outside the realm of the normal collectible doll and which originally were not have intended to be a collectible at all. Generally, collectible dolls are created specifically for the purpose of display or collecting. Those are most often made in limited quantities and are often signed and numbered in a series by the artist or the creating company.

Though collectible dolls may be old in terms of years, what makes them different from what I think of as antique dolls, is that antique dolls may not have had initial collectible value but rather may have even been common play dolls. In fact, more than likely they were created originally either before the popularity of collecting dolls, or they may have been created later but due to their age and scarcity, and yes, just the fact that they are products of an earlier generation, their value lies more in their historical significance than their standing within the collectibles world.

Generally, a collectible doll was initially priced for the collector. An antique doll more than likely was priced for the enjoyment of a child. The original intent of the doll was never to be displayed on a shelf but rather was to be played with.

A collectible doll may be brand new. Even if it was not created recently, generally it has been kept in a protected environment for the purpose of display, or else kept packaged in its original wrapping materials and box to protect its "newness." A collectible doll can be created today and meet the definition of collectible. If it is produced in limited quantities, produced by a respected and well known doll maker, and produced for the purpose of "collecting" or even investing, and once the line is created, no more will be made, it fits the definition.

Details: When evaluating the quality of a doll, look at the details. Examine hairstyle and the condition of the hair. The finer collectibles will have more realistic and natural feeling hair and it will tend to look and feel like it is actually growing out of the doll's scalp. Don't expect it to be perfectly human but it should not be glaringly obvious that it is not real. Obviously there will be variations between dolls and doll makers. Above all, it should be attractive.

Since the doll may not be new and it may not be even mint condition, at least the hair should be in good condition. It should never have been cut or dyed. That would remove it from the class of "original" and chances are it would not enhance the attractiveness of the doll. If the hair is thinning are coming loose from the scalp, unless it can be skillfully repaired, the value of the doll is going to be reduced. In fact, any "repairs" or alterations on the doll will eliminate it from the class of mint condition and make it worth less price wise than an original condition mint doll.

Factors to Consider About Collectible Dolls

Doll clothing, shoes, and accessories: Not all clothing and accessories for collectible dolls are made the same. Some are very, very fancy and appear to be miniature versions of stylish or fashion clothes for humans. The style of clothing which a designer has selected is not generally related to the value or appeal of the doll. Some collectible dolls, such as Daddy's Long Legs dolls for example wear clothing which is often more rustic or plain looking. In spite of that, the Daddy's dolls are among the best selling of collectible dolls. At least here at Dooley's Treasure Chest.

It is important that the clothing items be original, all present and in good condition. Some dolls may get away with replacement clothing items but generally well known names such as Daddy's, Barbie, Madame Alexander, and other like names will suffer in resell value if items are missing or substituted

That brings up the subject of "Redressed" dolls. Some artists will take dolls which are not collectible names and create very nice clothing outfits for them. These are classed as "Redressed" and because of the "custom" nature of such creations, being very often one of a kind, they have a great deal of appeal. Bride dolls often are used for this purpose. Here we really do have artist created dolls. A talented seamstress can use good imagination to create an unlimited variety of styles and variations. We would not expect a well known collectible doll name to be the subject of the redressing, however.

If a collectible doll originally came with accessories such as a purse, hat, or other item which is not clothing, shoes or socks, lacking those items will impact the value of the resale. Dolls which are missing those items can still be sold but the seller should take the missing items into consideration when determining the price to be asked for the doll.

Popularity: Regardless of sales history or scarcity, a doll is only worth what any single buyer is willing to pay for it. I am often asked what a particular doll is worth. I have to answer, it is only worth what a buyer will pay for it. That is a very nonspecific answer but unfortunately it is true. What dolls may have sold for in the past and what the seller may have originally paid for the doll will have no impact on the price a doll will fetch today. I always tell prospective sellers, there is always the likelihood that some buyer out there is looking for just what you have to sell. No matter how rare a doll, or what it may have originally costs when introduced, it is only as valuable as what some buyer right now is willing to pay for it.

Buying and Selling Dolls in a Weak Economy

During periods of economic uncertainty, sales of dolls, collectibles and other things which are not considered the necessities of life take a back seat to those things which are the necessities.

Owners may elect to sell their dolls and collectibles in order to bring in needed cash. Potential buyers hold off buying waiting for finances to improve or they may be looking for greater bargains than they would be inclined to expect during better financial times.

For sellers I would offer this advise. Realize that it may take longer to sell your dolls during these time since buyers are going to be more careful of their purchases. Consider the pricing. What might have realized something of a profit - assuming the item was originally purchased as an investment - in buying boom times, may not do so today. In some cases it may not be possible to realize a break even return. If the dolls or collections you are trying to sell came to you as gifts or inheritance, then you have more room to work with regarding pricing. It really depends on how much you need or want to part company with the dolls. You may elect to wait it out realizing that sales may be slow and over a period of some time. Realize also that some things may never return to the expected price of earlier times. Just because a doll sold for $700 at one time does not mean that it will ever sell for that amount again. But it may. We have no way to gauge the future and what will become of the doll collecting market even one year from now, let alone five to ten years. USA, LLC

For buyers, realize that although sellers want to sell their dolls as much as you want to buy them many are locked into price ranges but often if you just ask, it is possible that a particular seller may be able and willing to negotiate on a listed price. The old saying goes, it never hurts to ask and it is true.

We have had a number of sales through the "lay away" method. Buyers are welcome to pay for a doll in installments. Please note that we cannot ship the doll to you until the entire amount has been submitted including the listed shipping fee, but we will hold the doll for a limited time for you. See our Buyer Frequently Asked Questions for more information.

Consider the long term value of these dolls. I don't think anyone should look at them as investments. What I mean by that is buying with the hope that the price will go up allowing for an eventual profit. The prices may go up in the future. You might end up being able to sell the doll for more than you paid for it. I would not guarantee that as the prices may never move much either up or down. After all, these are in limited quantity since they are all retired and no more are being produced. That should not be the chief motivation for owning them. They have intrinsic worth and beauty which cannot be translated as dollars and cents. If properly cared for they can be displayed and enjoyed and even passed down to a future generation as visual art. That is, after all, the reason they were created in the first place.
Factors to Consider About Collectible Dolls

Look at the condition of the stitching if any is present on the doll's body. Even if it is in good condition, the better dolls will have finer and more even stitching than cheaper dolls. It will look like it will hold up better and last longer. The same thing applies to the materials especially if cloth is involved. Cloth is going to age and potentially deteriate with time so look closely at that to make sure it is of good quality and in good condition.

Look at the facial features. Certainly these do vary between types of dolls and different makers. Just because a doll has painted on eyes and not fixed lifelike and even movable eyes does not mean that doll is inferior. It is just the way the artist created the doll. Always consider the artist's style rather than technical differences when judging a doll. Obviously condition is important. A face with painted eyes which are faded or otherwise damaged is certainly reduced in value, but so would be sleepy eyes which do not work or are damaged.

The facial expression will impact the appeal and thus potentially the sellable value of the doll. Every person, and especially every doll lover will be attracted to an attractive face and a captivating expression. The more unique and human like the facial expression, the greater the appeal, I believe. If the facial expression reflects a real human emotion, such as sadness, joy, surprise or something of that sort, the more it will have appeal. That does not mean all collectible dolls will have facial expressions which try to emulate a human emotion, but some will.

Let me present an example of what I mean. Justine by James P. Smith shown below expresses a reflective, or contemplative mood. What is she thinking about? Use your imagination. She is setting, waiting and reflecting on something. Or someone.

Justine by James P. Smith Collectible dolls

Damage: Minor or inconspicuous imperfections on the doll or the doll's clothing or accessories will most likely affect selling value. How much, depends on the extent of the imperfections. However, if you truly love the doll and expect to keep it for yourself, small abnormalities might not matter to you. Consider that if you are trying to sell a doll which has even minor damage, it is very important to reveal that information to potential buyers and price the doll appropriately. If mint condition or Never Removed From Box dolls like yours are selling for say, $300.00 (for example) don't expect to ask that price for one which is not perfect.

If you are considering buying a doll which you know has small imperfections, if the emotional appeal of the doll overrides the presence of imperfections, then there is no reason to deny yourself the pleasure of ownership. Just take that into consideration when thinking of possible resale value in the future.

It may be possible to repair visible damage on a doll but be aware of the potential difficulties involved. Do you have the skill or resources to affect the repairs? Remember, for collectible dolls, the chances of being able to buy replacement parts is almost nil.

Overall condition: Dolls that have been played with, even collectible dolls, are not going to be in collectible condition. Generally we would not expect dolls in this classification to have been played with but it is possible. That does not rule them out as desirable if they are still in good or very good condition. There is nothing to prevent them from being attractive display samples but don't expect them to command the prices of dolls which have never been handled or even just displayed. Here, emotional appeal has to be the deciding factor. Just because a doll does not have its original paperwork, certificates, boxes or even original clothing or accessories does not mean it cannot have its own intrinsic beauty and appeal.

The Appeal of Collectible Dolls

We came about specializing in the consignment sale of collectable dolls by sheer chance. We did not create the web site with the intent of that being our specialty. It just came about because a friend of ours had a collection of dolls she wanted to sell off. Our original intent for the site was as a resource for collectibles, crafts and other objects which exist primarily for their visual appeal. Over time, collectible dolls have pretty much taken centre stage and that is ok with us. With time, we have been able to build up a very large collection of dolls for sale from many different sellers.

It is the aesthetic appeal of the item which attracts us. Rather than going for a particular genre or type of collectible, we like items for their individual appeal. It may be the only specimen of that type, style or by a particular creator which we may end up liking and buying. It is very much a matter of us liking that specific and special item and that is the sole reason we make such a purchase.

That is not the case with the person who makes a hobby of collections or collectibles. We recognized that when we started this web site. We knew that people do look for groups or collections of a specific object and they work to build the number of those items. Whether it's comic books, stamps, coins, antique advertising signs, figurines, or collectible dolls, some are interested in building up sets of those. I know there are collectors who seek to build collections consisting of the entire complement of a particular genre. Someone might look for every issue of a particular Captain America comic book produced by Marvel Comics for example. One of our sons built a collection of every Hardy Boy Mystery book in the entire series. He didn't consciously build the collection just so he could say he had the entire series. He actually read them all. By using the term "collections" I don't necessarily mean the possession of every one in a series. Rather possessing a number of items of a particular type.

I discovered something else as we became more involved with the listing and selling of collectible dolls. Though many collectors add to their collections those dolls they are attracted to because of the aesthetic appeal of individual collectible dolls, some have different motivations. Some may not be as interested in the dolls themselves but they have come into possession of sets of dolls or collections handed down to them by a parent, grandparent or other relative. Now they find themselves in the position of being the caretakers for a future generation of collectors. Sandy and I have not talked about the future of her doll collection but I suspect that with two beautiful granddaughters in our lives, you get the point. These collectors are holding on to their collectible dolls and intend to pass them on down the line.

There is another type of collector we have run across. That is the investment collector. This type of collector - and I am not being critical of them - has seen the investment potential. Look at it this way. Collectible dolls are more often than not limited production items. Once those doll makers have either retired the individual doll style or model, no more of those will be made. Once they are all sold, the only ones in existence will be in the hands of private individuals or collectors. Knowing that with time anything which is in scarce supply tends to grow in value, some have built collections of dolls and held onto them with the goal of some day being able to sell them at a profit.

I Don't Know What My Collectible Doll Is Worth

One of the most frequent questions I receive concerns the value of a particular collectible doll. A doll owner who has a doll which may be being considered for sale wants to know what the doll is worth. The reason, so he or she will know what the doll can be sold for. In some cases, a seller may have no interest in selling the doll but simply out of curiosity wants to know what it might be worth.

The problem with the question of collectible doll value, is that lacking the manufacturer currently making and setting prices for a particular doll, the only thing left to set prices or worth is the market itself. After all of a particular maker's dolls are in the hands of private individuals, there are no official set prices for the dolls. At least not a list of prices which really means anything. Who determines what a doll should sell for? Years ago there were some established and published lists suggesting price ranges for Daddy's Long Legs dolls. Though I suppose they exist, I have not looked for similar price lists for other doll makes. Those price lists for Daddy's Long Legs dolls are of no value today and I no longer refer to them.

Personally I do not think such lists are valid nor should they be relied on. I have seen other web sites stating they have the word on collectible doll values but it is one thing to pin a price on a doll but another thing entirely to have buyers willing to pay those prices. So we're back to the market. What a doll is worth is strictly dependent upon what buyers are willing to pay for it. I can take a doll which may have sold from the maker for $500.00 and place a price tag on it for $500.00 but if no one is willing to pay that amount, we cannot say that it is worth $500.00. If I place a price tag on it for $200.00 and still no one buys it, it is not "worth" $200.00.

We really do have to separate the term "worth" from the evaluation of a doll. Or any other collectible for that matter. Worth or value may be less a financial measurement than an aesthetic or emotional measurement. If the doll has such value to you, then it has a tremendous amount of worth. It is just not necessarily a price element.

For those looking to know what they should price a particular doll for, lacking any concrete baseline or price list which has meaning, the only thing I can ever suggest is to look around and see what other dolls of the same kind are selling for. Of course "selling for" is not the same as "being listed for". A doll may be listed for a particular price but never sell. In that case, that is not a good measurement to use. It may be the only one we have to work with though so it's a start. I do suggest to sellers that it is ok to use such prices as starting points. It is easy enough to set a price and if after a while it does not sell at that price, lower it.

If you cannot find a doll like yours listed on line or at any other location, the only thing to do is look for similar dolls which are listed. You may not find the same doll or even one by the same maker but it is easy enough to find one which though made by another doll maker, is of similar quality, style and visual appeal. It's not a perfect system of appraisal but sometimes it is the only thing we have to work with. Regardless of how a doll is priced, the real proof is going to be if there is a buyer out there who just happens to be looking for the doll you are selling and is willing to pay the price you are asking for it. It's one of those things we're not going to know works until we try it.

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