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Getting Started

How do you get started once you decide to list your items with us? First off, feel free to ask any questions related to the process. I'll be happy to answer them all. Once you are ready to proceed, you will find a copy of our contract on this link.

The Consignment Contract Form

Print out a copy, sign it on the line at the bottom where it says "Consignor". Enter the desired number of months the contract will run. Minimum time is three (3) months. It will automatically renew unless you tell us to terminate it. Fill in the date you have signed it and send it back to us.

NOTE: Please include both your email address and your phone number on the contract sheet. We promise the only reason your phone number will ever be used will be in the event of a sale of a consignment item or a question regarding an actual or pending sale of your consignment item if we cannot make contact with you by email. It is very common for people to change email addresses and if the address we have for you is invalid, we will not be able to contact you regarding a sale.

To save a copy of the forms on your computer, right click on the link above and select SAVE TARGET AS to start down loading the forms. Netscape users right click and select "SAVE LINK AS." MAC Users- hold your mouse button down until the SAVE AS dialog box opens. After the download starts, a box will open telling you "You are down loading a file." This box will give you different options for performing the download. Select save, then make a note of where you have saved it. The name of the form is "Consignment_Contract.pdf".

The preferred method of sending the paperwork is via email. With postage rates ever on the increase, it becomes more expensive to send paperwork by regular mail. Scan the contract form after you have signed it and save it in a common format such as a JPG file. Please do not compress the file for then it may be too small to view or to print.

Individual item descriptions can be entered into a normal email message or you can save them as a Microsoft Word document file. If you use a different word processor please be sure to save the file in Word DOC format. That along with the contract image file can then be sent as attachments through email. Photos should be sent in JPG form at the same time if you like. If they are not sent at the time the contract is sent, please do so soon thereafter as I will need them to complete the web page ads. If you have any questions about the process or the best way to handle sending the paperwork, contact me.

Due to the tendency of spammers to try to harvest email addresses from web sites, I have not included my contact email address here. If you will use this email form Contact Me to send a message to me regarding your interest in listing items on our site, I will respond and that respond will include the email address to send paperwork to. An important request. Please verify that the email address you enter into the form is a valid one. Unfortunately we receive many inquiries of one form or other which contain an incorrectly entered or an invalid email address. When this happens we have no way to reply to you.

If you do not wish to use email as a means to transfer the contract, you are welcome to send the printed copy by regular mail.

The address is:

Dan W. Dooley
2225 Cottonwood Lane
Bedford, Texas 76021

Along with the signed contract, return the list of the items to be sold. That lists includes the written descriptions and desired selling prices. Send this information by simply writing it within the body of an email message to us or on a separate attached document in Word Document (.DOC) format. Do not send a paper copy of the list. We have to be able to transfer the information from your list into the computer and we do so by using the copy and paste method. If you send a printed copy, that information would have to be entered into the computer by manually typing it and we can no longer accept that as a method of listing your items. Sorry.

In addition to the paperwork, we will need photos of the items you wish to sell. Those can be in any of the common digital formats. Please do not send photos in propitiatory formats such as is common with photo processing services. We can not work with those. The common forms to use would be JPG, TIF, BMP, or GIF. The preferable format is JPG as the picture file sizes are smaller and thus easier to send by email attachment.

Also, please try to send the best quality of images you can get. If you are scanning the images from original printed photos scanning images does introduce (though it is only a little) some degradation in image quality. The better the original print, the better will be the final image we can place on our site. A poorly focused picture can not be made into a sharp, clear one. A poor quality picture is not going to make your item look appealing to potential buyers. Please DO NOT use a cell phone camera to take pictures of the items to be listed. Image quality from cell phone cameras is poor and inadequate to use. For tips on how to make the best photographs of your consignment items go here.

A NOTE ON PICTURE IDENTIFICATION. Please identify what picture is for what item. Digital cameras identify pictures by a numbering system so the file which is created rather than having a descriptive name has a cryptic number. If a series of different items are submitted for listing along with pictures, I will not know which picture is of which item unless you provide the needed identifying information. Either name the picture file to match the item or note the info along with the other descriptive info sent.

We need good descriptions. The more you can tell us about your collectibles or other items, the better we will be able to represent them to potential buyers. Remember, buyers can not see and touch the actual items as they could at a brick and mortar store so we must rely on photos and words to describe them. The better the description, the more info the buyer will have and the more comfortable he or she will be with a purchasing decision. We need to know if the item is new, mint, like new, worn, in good condition, fair condition, never removed from the box, or whatever. Are all of the original accessories present? Is there any damage or wear? Is the environment smoke free or not? If the item is not well known, dimension are important. A photo can tell part of the story but not all of it. If applicable, does the item have hang tags, Certificate of Authenticity, other paperwork, etc.? Is the item a limited or signed edition?

How to Send Consignment Item Descriptions to Us

Written descriptions of the items to be listed on consignment must be in a form we can copy and paste from. That means that they cannot be in an image such as the result of scanning a document and creating a .JPG or similar image file. Likewise, they cannot be in .PDF form for that to is an image and text cannot be copied and pasted from.

The document containing the descriptions can be either a text document (with the extension .TXT such as one written in Windows Notepad or similar text editor) or it can be in a Microsoft Word compatible document. Such a document will have a .DOC or a .DOCX or similar file extension.

The descriptions may also be written within the body of an email message. Any description list sent in any form which cannot be copied and pasted from, including hard copy printed sheets cannot be used and will not be accepted. To enter the information from such a list into the web pages we create for the listings would require us to hand type the information and we can no longer do that.

Once we have all of the needed information, I will build the ad pages to list on our Web site. Depending on the number of items and other factors, this process may take a week or two. We will get the page or pages listed as soon as possible. As soon as the pages are finished and published to the site, we'll let you know so you can see them. If you see any corrections needed, let us know.

Please see our Consignment Frequently Asked Questions page before submitting items to be listed.

The actual sale process: When a visitor decides to purchase one or more of your collectibles or other items, the actual sale process occurs on the Web site. Payment is made directly to Dooley's Treasure Chest. We then collect our commission from the price paid and then forward the remainder to you. We also forward directly to you the shipping fee collected. We keep nothing from that. We will also forward to you the shipping address of the buyer. We will trust that you will ship to the buyer the item sold and do so in a prompt and professional manner. We trust that you will pack the item or items safely and that all items associated with the item such as hang tags, Certificates of Authenticity, etc., will be included.

Just a few notes of explanation. If I don't cover all of your questions, I'll be happy to do so.

On the commission. The percentage charged is per item and applies to the sell price only. Generally, we set a fixed amount for shipping charges. That is charged to the buyer above and beyond the selling price. That amount collected for shipping is sent to the seller in its entirety along with the balance of the selling price after the commission is subtracted. The general shipping charge has been $20.00 for dolls for example. Other collectible items or items which may weigh less or weigh more will command different shipping fees. Those are set individually. We have generally found that shipping via USPS is less expensive than UPS and if shipped Parcel Post, delivery time to the buyer is typically 3 to 5 days.

On the length of the contract period. That is set at 3 months as an initial starting point. The seller is free to extend that if desired. In the case of the typical consignment where the seller has one of a particular item, once that item is sold, there is no further need for the contract to remain in effect and is canceled. If the seller has multiple items for sale, they may not all sell during that listing period. The seller may elect to extend the contract out for any length of time or indefinitely until all of the items are sold or until the seller chooses to remove the items, thus canceling the contract.

We set the time simply as a means of having the contract in effect. It gives us time benchmarks, so to speak. At the end of the set period (generally 3 months) the seller can elect to continue the agreement, or not. A simple emailed request stating the desired action is all that is requested.

The seller retains the full right to cancel the contract at any time for any reason. Upon the notice of suspension of the agreement by the seller, we will pull the ad pages from the Web site. Certainly any sales transactions currently in process will be continued to their conclusion, including all applicable payments and shipment of sold items.

Dooley's Treasure Chest for our part will only wish to cancel a contract under conditions of bad faith actions on the part of the seller. Such conditions as misrepresentation of the items, or failure to ship the items sold to the buyers in a satisfactory and timely manner would be examples.

Communication is important. We must be able to reach you in the event of a sale. If you change email addresses, please let us know. You may also want to list a phone number with us. That will only be used in the event that we need to get in contact with you related to your consignment. If we inform you that a sale has been made, please respond as promptly as possible. Remember, the buyer will be anxiously awaiting the receipt of their purchase. If you have sold or otherwise disposed of the item, or you wish to remove it from the listing, please let us know. We'd hate to disappoint a buyer who has paid for an item only to find it no longer available. Also if a prospective buyer has a question we may need to pass that question on to you. Please respond as promptly as possible. We have been forced to drop a few clients due to chronic lack of response to communications.

Concerning product information. The more we can present to potential buyers, the more likely a buyer will feel comfortable making the purchase. Good photos go a long way to telling the story. Also it's important to have good written descriptions. This would include statements on the condition of the items, the availability of original boxes, paperwork to include CEO (Certificate of Authenticity), hang tags, etc. as well as whether the item has been displayed, kept in the box or even if it has been enjoyed (played with). Also important to many buyers is whether or not the environment the item has been kept in is smoke free or not. The more you can tell us, the more descriptive will be the ad.

Sorry, due to our cost of processing credit card fees and the low return, we can not accept for listing any items which can not be expected to sell for at least $25.00 each.

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