Internet marketing tools and resources
Internet Marketing Tools and Resources

There is one guarantee I can make you. That is, you will never become rich or even enjoy financial independence working for someone else. The days of corporate loyalty where you could work for the same company and feel secure in the prospects that your job was going to last until retirement are long gone. In some fields, for example the so-called high tech fields of IT, computers and electronics, owing to constant company mergers, acquisitions, downsizing, "outsourcing" and being fired because you are "too old" it has reached the point where the average job in that field lasts three to four years. Then you're out and having to struggle to find something else. If you can find something else. Besides being highly competitive with literally thousands of new entrants into the technology field every year, as you age, it gets harder to keep a job and once lost, very hard to find a replacement.

If you are tired of that, then you owe it to yourself to take charge of your own future. If that sounds like something you'd either like to do or need to do because you are in a dead end otherwise, you can start right now by downloading the free special report by clicking on the graphic below. Oh yes, "free" means just that, FREE.

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If you have a web site or a blog and you are earning Google AdSense revenue from the ads, there is no reason to limit that as your only source of ad revenue. Chitika can be your alternative to AdSense, or it can be an addition.

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Want to Make a Million Dollars on-Line?
How many times have you heard that? How many ads have you seen promising that you can do just that?

Fact is, some people are! Fact is - and this is where you and I come in - most people will NOT make a million dollars on the Web. That's the bad news/good news truth.

Ready for some good news though? There IS money to be made through Web based businesses. Whether you'll make a million, I can't predict and any promises of such should be viewed with strong suspicion at best.

If you're not afraid to put effort into the process, and if you are willing to learn, you can make a successful living on line.

Be very careful. There are at least as many if not more scams and worthless so-called opportunities as there are real business opportunities on line. Learn, and look at any claims which seem to offer riches for nothing with deep suspicion. A real business like a real job requires, dedication, work and knowledge in order to succeed. We will present nothing to you that does not meet our strict standards of honesty, integrity and has the real potential to assist you in achieving your goals.

Make Internet Marketing Work For You
If the LORD delights in a man's way, He makes his steps firm; Ps 37:23 (NIV)

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The Resource Page for Internet Marketers
Drop Shipping Sources
What sells best on eBay®?

So you have decided that you want to make money on line by selling things. Perhaps ebay auctions are the way you wish to go. Or perhaps you want to create a Web site to sell things. Now the big question - where do you find products to sell? Where do you find products if you want to open a Web based store? If you are a creator of products, you already have something to sell. I know, you will read all of the advice of the so-called Internet marketing gurus who claim that you must create your own products to sell. That's great if you are so gifted. If you are skilled in crafts, or at creating information products, or any other thing which might be in demand and sell well on line, then you're all set to go.

But what if you don't? What if you do not have products of your own creation to sell? Then selling what someone else has created is the only solution. Finding good products to sell is not easy. There are thousands, if not more, sites out there trying to sell the exact same things. You need to find things which are not being sold by everyone else. That applies whether you are looking for things to sell on eBay or on your own Web site. Where are you going to find these products to sell? Where do you find products you can sell without the expense of inventory? You have two choices. One, you can invest a lot of money in buying products wholesale and hope that they will sell. If you do that you are faced with two potential problems. One, what if they don't sell? Secondly, where are you going to store all of those things you bought for resell? In your garage? A spare bedroom? Oh yes, there is a third problem. You had to come up with the funds to buy them in the first place. So what is the second choice? What's the better answer? The answer is drop shipping. With drop shipping, you only buy the product AFTER you have sold it.

A Drop Ship distributor is a wholesale product supplier who will ship one product at a time directly to your customer for you, right from his warehouse.

You do not have to be concerned with warehousing the product before it is sold. Actually you do not pay for, or ship anything before it is sold. It works like this. You determine that you are going to sell a particular product. You create a Web site, or you run an auction on eBay. Remember, you don't yet have the product. You do know where you can get it though. You create an ad to promote the item, including pictures and description, and your retail selling price on your Web site or auction listing. When your customer orders the item, or in the case of a winning bid on your auction, the sale is concluded, you then order the item from your wholesale drop ship distributor. The item is sent directly from the distributor to your customer. The item is actually packaged with YOUR name and address info (or that of your company name if you have one) and not the the drop shipping distributor. You pay the distributor the wholesale price of the item and the difference between that and the retail price your customer paid is your profit.

It is a very good way to start an Internet business, requiring very little up front investment on your part. Actually you could say "no up front investment," as you generally are not going to pay the distributor until you have placed the order with him, and you're not going to place the order until you've received an order from your customer.

You do have to be careful though. There are perhaps thousands of companies out there providing drop shipping service. Many of them are the real thing. Many are not.

  • A REAL Drop Shipper is a factory-authorized wholesale distributor, or sometimes the actual manufacturer of their products. They ship to your customer from their OWN warehouse. NO middlemen or resellers cheating you out of your profits.

  • A REAL Drop Shipper (with VERY FEW legitimate exceptions) will not charge you an "account setup fee".
  • A REAL Drop Shipper will never force you to place a "minimum quantity order" they will ship one product at a time to your customer with NO quantity commitments.

There are many "lists" and ebooks offering to tell you where to find drop shippers. Sometimes the information is good. Often it is of little value. You DO get what you pay for. Drop Ship Source Directory.

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Lunarpages Internet Solutions
Dooley's Treasure Chest, and our subsidirary web sites and blogs are hosted on Lunarpages.

Though generally thought about as being primarily suitable for blogs, WordPress format sites are becoming more popular among many small web site builders. WordPress is an open source platform meaning that it is written, maintained and supported by a huge community of user developers. To top it off, it is free. Not free as in "30 day trial" or "this is a stripped down version but for such and such a price you can have the full functional version". No, it is FREE. It is no wonder that it has grown in popularity as a platform for those web site owners who want powerful web site performance and capabilities but not necessarily the more traditional web site building model.

If you have a WordPress based web site or blog, consider hosting on a web site host which has been specifically tailored to the WordPress platform. Optimized your page load times, reliability and security. Fast, Secure and Scalable.

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More Resources

Light Bulk Wholesale Directory Page The Light Bulk Wholesale Directory is the Internet's first and only Directory of real Wholesalers who have already agreed to sell small bulk quantities to Home-Based Internet Business Owners like yourself. All Suppliers listed will accept $500 or LOWER minimum orders while still giving you real Wholesale Prices!

Free EBook Download Page Start your own Internet Business the right way, without falling into the traps that are out there waiting for you EVERYWHERE... The Internet can be a real challenge when you first start out in ECommerce.

People are easily confused by terms like Bandwidth, Nameservers, IP Addressing, DNS, Domain Management, and dozens of other concepts that make little or no sense to them. The Internet is a jungle of Technical Terms and Buzzwords that few people really understand. This EBook is a "behind-the-scenes of the Internet " must-read for anyone considering running an Internet business who is lost in the techno-babble.

Chris Malta is the Author of "Starting Your Internet Business RIGHT!", a Free EBook that is downloaded hundreds of times a day, and has never even once gotten a bad review from anyone. In fact, we get a tremendous amount of email thanking us for that free EBook and telling us how wonderful and helpful it is.

Now, Chris has decided to offer his highly requested EBook, "Understanding the Internet for Home Business", for FREE. In it, he takes the confusing techno-babble of the Internet and puts it in everyday language that anyone can easily understand. The book is also wonderfully illustrated by Barrett Hinkle and Matt Hedges, making it an extremely informative and fun read!

Resource Center More articals and "Know How."

Scam Watch Page Don't throw your money away on cheap lists and sites full of middlemen, resellers and closeout liquidators that charge you membership fees and overblown prices for junk products! The creators of those lists and sites are irresponsible people who couldn't care less what happens to you. They pad their lists with the names of hundreds, or even thousands of companies that are USELESS to you, and they KNOW IT! You'll waste valuable time and money finding out that the information you bought is virtually worthless.

Free, Opt-in Newsletter The Worldwide Brands Home EBiz Newsletter publishes weekly, and is completely FREE.

The Market Research Wizard Knowing what your Product Market looks like before you try to sell Products in it is a very important concept for a Home-based Internet Business.

Worldwide Brands' Market Research Wizard does just that. Created by our own Software Development Team, this eBay Certified software allows you to perform hours worth of research on the Market for your potential Product Choices in just minutes.

Just enter the name of the Product you're thinking about selling, and the Market Research Wizard will tell you in minutes whether or not that Product will earn you money Online!

If you are seriously interested in making eBay work for you, Click Here

The eBay Buyer's Guide is a special report on searching eBay. Learn how to find
items on eBay you might have otherwise missed. Learn advanced search techniques to find
items hidden away. Learn how to avoid scammers and lower the risk of losing your money.
The Report is FREE! Use the link below to download your free copy.

Click Here to download
"The eBay Buyer's Guide"

Right click on the link above and select SAVE TARGET AS to start down loading the ebook. Netscape users right click and select "SAVE LINK AS." MAC Users- hold your mouse button down until the SAVE AS dialog box opens. After the download starts, a box will open telling you "You are down loading a file." This box will give you different options for performing the download. Select save, then make a note of where you have saved it. The name of the book is "ebaybuyersguide.pdf". "ebaysellersguide.pdf" if you are downloading the eBay Seller's Guide through the link below.

Are you getting the highest profits in your eBay auctions?
FREE! eBay Buyer's Guide addresses this question, and more. Use the link below to download your free copy.

Click Here to download
"The eBay Seller's Guide"

Do You Want To Start An eBay Business Without Making Costly Mistakes? This comprehensive guide to eBay will show you step by step through everything involved in starting and running an eBay auction, and then answer every question you might have about eBay. This knowledge will insure you get the highest prices in every auction you run. See it Now

eBay Mastery - A Step By Step Guide To Successfully Selling On eBay takes you through:

  • Creating an eBay account.
  • Researching to find out what your items are worth.
  • Finding the best category to list your item.
  • Finding the right keywords to get your item in front of as many bidders as possible.
  • Writing a title to compel eBay surfers to look at your auction.
  • Taking clear and detailed digital photos of your items.
  • Editing your photos so they load fast. (The manual explains step-by-step how to use free software to crop and edit your pictures.)
  • Including photos in your listings without paying expensive image hosting fees.
  • Writing auction listings that will get you higher bids.
  • Handling questions from bidders.
  • Selecting payment methods, and track payments from buyers.
  • Packing and shipping your items safely and track packages through the mail.
  • Dealing with unhappy buyers to lower complaints and returns.
  • How to use listing upgrades to maximize your items' visibility.
  • Decide if you should you ship internationally.
  • How to predetermine shipping costs.
  • How to build and use auction templates effectively. This will save you time and get you higher bids.
  • Four common international shipping problems and, more importantly, how to solve them.
  • Seven ways to get paid, and which is the best option for you.
  • The best place to put your photos in your description.
  • The three steps all bidders take before bidding. Make these difficult, and the potential bidder will leave without bidding.
  • Handle feedback and non paying bidders.
  • And much, much more. . . See it Now


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