About Ordering From Us From Canada
For Canadian Orders Only. Go Here for USA Orders.

We are now happy to accept orders for some of our products from buyers in Canada. Currently the process is not as simple or as smooth as we would like. We are working on that and in the future, we hope to make it as easy as it is for our U.S. buyers.

Our mounted photography prints are available to Canadian buyers. At this time, most of our consignment items such as collectible dolls can only be shipped to U.S. addresses. At present one of our doll sellers is located in Canada and that seller's dolls are available to Canadian buyers. The Canadian flag icon will be displayed on those pages.

We only accept credit card payment through PayPal. PayPal is free to join and is one of the widest used Internet payment systems available. PayPal is owned by eBay and is reliable and trusted. You can be assured that your transactions will be secure. If you are not currently registered with PayPal, do so now. It's free. Also note, you do not have to become a member of PayPal in order to pay using your credit card. It is safe and secure. Our Privacy Statement

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Pay by credit card.

We accept PayPal payments. Or, use your preferred credit card to pay through PayPal.
You don't have to have a PayPal account to buy from us. Just use your preferred
credit card Just as you would anywhere. Your transaction is secure.

For instructions on purchasing from us using your preferred Credit Card Click Here

NOTE: We can not accept phone orders. We will be happy to answer your questions by phone or email but the actual ordering process must be handled per the payment instructions provided on this page.

NOTE: We need a correct shipping address. If you have moved, have you updated the address listing in PayPal? If it is not, at the very least your order will be delayed in reaching you. It may become lost. We will assume no responsibility for lost orders due to incorrect shipping addresses being given during the order. If you order and afterward realize that the address listed in PayPal is incorrect, please contact us right away with the correct one. It is important to do so as quickly as possible.

NOTE: You are responsible for any customs or VAT charges. We do not handle any of those charges nor the paperwork processing at the Canadian end.

NOTE: Payment must be made in U. S. Dollars.

Please make sure that the shipping address information supplied to us is correct. If your address is listed as Unconfirmed by PayPal, we will need to contact you for address confirmation. That may delay the processing of your order.

Orders are processed and shipped within one to two business days upon receipt of verified payment. If paying by PayPal, verification is immediate. Though generally your order will arrive sooner, please allow 10 to 15 days for delivery. Our mounted photography prints take a little longer since we don't prepare them until your order is received.

Please be aware of delivery times needed before ordering. The entire time between ordering from our site and receiving your order is going to be at least 10 business days. We have no way of making expedited shipments, unfortunately. Though we would love to, we can not honor requests for rush orders or special shipments. Also, if an order is placed on the weekend or a holiday, a little extra time may be needed to fulfill it. There may be extra time required to clear customs.

For our consignment items (those items such as dolls, figurines, collectibles, etc.) delivery times may vary between sellers. Typically, those items are shipped by the sellers within a couple of days of the order being received. Specific delivery time frames for some items will be stated on the ad pages for those items.

Our mounted photography prints are not mounted and prepared for shipping before they are ordered. Please allow up to two weeks for shipping though for the most part, shipping will occur sooner. If there is to be a longer delay, we will contact you. Once they are shipped, you should receive them within five to seven business days.

Since the photo prints are larger, we cannot ship them to PO Box addresses. Please provide us with an actual street address for delivery by USPS.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you have a problem with your order or your received product, contact us immediately. We will work to resolve it quickly. If you have questions about any of our merchandise or our warranty policy, please contact us.

Some Comments on Communications: It is crucial that we be able to contact you in the event that we have questions pertaining to your order. We have to follow up on an order from time to time and often we receive no response to our inquiries. PLEASE provide us with a valid email address. If you are paying through PayPal and the email address you have on file is invalid, you will know that, so please provide us with one we can use to reach you if we need to. We don't have to contact every customer but on occasion we do. Please help us to serve you better.

IMPORTANT! Please check your email. Do NOT use an email address with PayPal that you never plan to check. It is not uncommon for us to need to contact a buyer for one reason or other. If we need to contact you with questions about your order, but cannot, you will NOT receive your order. If you have an email address, you should be checking it at least every day.

If we need to contact you about your order and we can not do so because our messages are returned due to invalid email addresses or if you simply fail to respond to our request and several days and attempts have gone by with no response, we will cancel your order and your payment will be refused.

Our promise to you. Your name and email address will never be given away, sold, or in any other way made available to any other person or organization for any reason. Period! It will only be used by us to communicate with you and nothing more. We don't even keep it on file.