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Dan & Sandy Dooley

Sandy and I have long been interested in building up a Web based business. We both have been working for other employers for all of our working years. We do however, have interests which lend themselves very much lend themselves to Web based businesses. We are very much interested in arts and crafts and things related to those activities. I do like to paint and really love art as a means of expressing the appreciation for God's great creations. Translate that to mean, I love landscape paintings. Not only those I try to paint but the works of others, far more talented than I am. Perhaps some day I'll add some photos of some of my work here. We'll see. What does that all have to do with this site? Not much really. We just like to talk about our interests and with those who share common interests.

Sandy, does not paint, but she is great when it comes to creating small crafts. She gets real busy around Christmas time creating some of the keenest decorative items meant to grace the mantels and Christmas trees of friends and relatives.

We're great lovers of travel. Among our favorite vacation activities, we love to visit small crafts and handcraft shops wherever we visit. Sure, we gain ideas for new projects, but we also simply love seeing what others have done and how they use their talents. We also believe that the works of such artisans should not go unrecognized. So, we do have some future plans for this site which we hope to put in place which may allow us to share some of these great ideas and works with our visitors. Also, if you're interested in Amateur Radio, visit my amateur radio Website WB5TKA

We live our lives and operate our business and this Web site based on Christian principles. We will never intentionally offend anyone and will never allow blatantly offensive material on this Web site. We realize that it is possible some of our affiliate merchants may present materials or products which may offend some. We apologize should that occur and will make every effort to reduce or eliminate exposure to anything offensive. We can not take responsibility for the total content on sites represented.

So, browse our pages. Look at our collections. Sure, we'd appreciate it if you would honor us with your purchases. We think we offer some of the best prices to be had on the Web. Our collections are growing and often changing. We try to make each one as rich in variety as possible by offering as many of the available products within a line as we can. In time, we hope to fill them out so that our collections will be the most complete that you can find. We also are in the process of broadening our choice of collections. If you don't see what you like now, come back again soon. Perhaps we will have it then. Any suggestions for product lines - in general keeping with the theme of this site - are most welcome.

For some time now we've been focusing on consignment sales of collectible dolls. That means anything from antique dolls to retired and limited editions to art dolls. We sell those on behalf of private collectors and artists. If you have a collection, or even one doll which you wish to sell, get in touch with us. If you're an artisan or craftsperson and what you create is doll related and you're looking for an outlet for your creations, we'd love to hear from you.

We're not limited to dolls, however. If it's collectible and you wish to sell it, give our consignment service a try. It will cost you nothing to try. We collect a commission only if your items sell. See our Consignment Page for more details.

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